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Golden Harvest

The Golden Harvest savings plan is a long-term saving which is designed to assist you, our members, in achieving your goals. You can save for a minimum of One (1) year or a maximum of Five (5) years. You are eligible to enroll in the Golden Harvest Savings Plan once you are a member of a credit union, and between the ages of 15-65. You can reap rich rewards such as:

  • Buying a house
  • Buying a car
  • Education
  • Wedding
  • Traveling
  • Retirement
The Golden Harvest will now also offer a special rate that is applicable to all new deposits and renewals upon maturity only. 

The golden harvest is designed for your financial success and protection and guarantees the achievement of your goal. In the case of death or disability, the credit union will pay your total savings on your golden harvest plus the insurance benefits which equals the saving goal to you, the account holder/beneficiary. With the golden harvest savings plan, insurance coverage is no direct charge to you! All premiums will be paid by the credit union.

If you discontinue the savings contract, all accumulated premiums paid by the credit union on your behalf may be deducted from your golden harvest savings plan account. You can have as many golden harvests as you wish, however insurance coverage is limited to a maximum total goal amount of $3million.

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