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GraceKennedy Payment Services (BillExpress) and Grace Cooperative Credit Union Partner to Offer New Payment Options

GraceKennedy Payment Services (GKPS), and Grace Cooperative Credit Union (GCCU) have announced a new partnership that will offer GCCU members new and convenient payment options that are fast, secure, and convenient, and offered both online and in-store.

Under the terms of the partnership, GCCU members will be able to service their loans or make deposits to their member accounts at any of BillExpress’ 320 locations island-wide. 

Additionally, members can make payments online at or through the GK ONE mobile app.

"We are pleased to partner with GCCU to offer their members new and convenient payment options," said Margaret Campbell, Chief Operating Officer, GraceKennedy Money Services.

Terence Slater, Strategy and Distribution Manager at GKPS shared the strategy behind aligning with the GCCU." We plan to make payment services available to all members of the GK Family via our retail and digital channels. This partnership presents an opportunity for GKPS to serve over 2300 credit union members both at home and abroad, creating opportunities for past and present employees to improve their lives with the added convenience of new payment solutions at a very low cost.”

Makeda Scott, General Manager of the GCCU, sees this partnership as an important move to make the Credit Union better able to serve a wider group of persons. "As we continue our efforts to better serve our members, partnering with GKPS aligns with our strategy to attract the younger demography and improve service levels to our existing membership base. 

She added, “It also opens the reach of the credit union to the rest of the country. Members beyond the environs of our Harbour Street location will now have ease of access to do business with us through the multiple BillExpress outlets conveniently located island-wide." 

The partnership between GKPS and GCCU is the latest in a series of initiatives by BillExpress to expand its payment services offerings.

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